Original hand-crafted sculpture and jewellery

Artist’s profile

Aaron Frater

I am a carver, a maker of 3D objects. My first works (at the age of eight) were of soap and pumice, and now range from fine bone and shell jewellery to monumental sculptures in marble and Oamaru stone.

…from fine bone and shell jewellery to monumental sculpture

Through my carving I celebrate the forms and movement of the world around us: the gentle furl of a seedling, light-play on skin, the grain of wood and stone.

My large-scale sculptural works can be found in private gardens and homes. Each piece is unique, created to complement its surroundings.

With amulets and necklaces I use inlay techniques, setting the colour and texture of one material against another to dramatic effect. Forms are of bone or hard wood with accents in paua, shell and resin.

Aaron Frater