Original hand-crafted sculpture and jewellery


My designs draw on the beauty of the raw materials. Each suggests a different use and form―the shine of hard shell, the mellow glow of hardwood, the chalky warmth of bone.

designs draw on the beauty of the raw materials


With a long history of use as body adornment, bone provides a base for much of my work. Hardwoods are more difficult to come by in New Zealand. The main native wood I use is black maire; other woods are recycled lignum vitae, mahogany and ebony.

The shells I use are the native paua, and mother-of-pearl (a material core to Pacific non-metal jewellery traditions).

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  • New Zealand Jewelry: Dance of two, Wave form
  • New Zealand Jewelry: Wave form
  • Fish hooks
  • Jewelry: Mother goddess
  • Amulet
  • Pacific navigation
  • Standing stone, Heavenly disc
  • New Zealand Jewellry: Leaf brooches
  • Jewellry: Fish